Top Tips for Writing a Review Article

  • August 23, 2020
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How Best to Write a Review Article

A review article is basically an assignment that requires students to review already existing literature. This requires a specialized approach to the assignment because it is different from what students may be used to. The review has to be relevant to the original content. As such, the following tips will come in handy.

  • Knowing the audience you are addressing
  • Understanding the journal or text being reviewed
  • Have the right wording
  • Work with an outline
  • Consider the numbers
  • Seek help from others

Why You Should Write a Review Article

Once you understand what a review article is, you should understand that the goal is to share the knowledge you have acquired through a specific journal study. These articles are mainly useful to researchers who can use them as the basis of their research. Usually, the review articles serve as a summary of in-depth content, thus saving a researcher the time and resource of digging deep into the original text. Writing review articles can also help researchers remind themselves of the content that they are already familiar with.

Understand the Aim and Scope

Before delving into review article writing, it helps to understand the scope and goal of writing the review in the first place. The tutor may specify this if this is an academic assignment. Once you have these figured out, you can proceed with ease since you will know what will be accepted as a review. Failing to do this may be detrimental to your success since the review may easily be rejected.

The Scope should Be Clear

Even though you are reviewing the already existing content, all research work must chip in fresh ideas. Your review should seek to answer specific questions or shed more light on questions that have been explored before. The bottom-line is to ensure that there is something new being added to what already exists. You also want to work with manageable content hence the need to define the scope clearly.

Use Multiple Source When Evaluating

Experts’ will advise on the use of several search engines when finding sources to evaluate. This will increase your chances of being all-inclusive and avoiding missing any important points. Apply the rules of online visibility, especially if the review is to be used online. Clarity, accuracy, and informative content are crucial whenever one embarks on doing article reviews.

Topic Introduction

You should always have an overview that gives an idea of what the topic and subject is about. It would help if you had a broad intro that captures the attention of a wide audience base. Even so, the intro should be well-research and informed if the impact and relevance of the entire review are to be felt. Keep it short and reasonable to make it interesting for your audience.

Discuss, Conclude, and Edit

The review’s discussion should be detailed and well-informed. Focus on important areas more, as opposed to offering a general summary of the text. Once done, conclude with a suggestion for future research direction, and have a friend edit on your behalf.

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