How to start writing?

One of the greatest difficulties for students is to begin the text. The test time comes and you come across a blank sheet, getting nervous without knowing where to start.

We prepare a basic summary so you can make a good writing. First, you should start by putting some obvious ideas on the topic of writing on paper.

1 – Draft of the first ideas
Write the first things that come to your mind as you read the topic. For example, if the topic of writing is “violence against women,” put in the sketch a few sentences without thinking too much and without worrying about “looking good”, because you’ll be able to adjust later, the important thing in this first step is to find content. On this topic, you could say phrases like:

  • “Violence against women is a big problem.”
  • “Many women do not report out of fear.”
  • “You have to stop it.”
  • Notice that these phrases are not stylish, but they are playing a very important role: recording the first ideas. Now comes the second step:

2 – Make the introduction start the text well

An introduction needs to be very broad and comprehensive. As you already know what the subjects you are going to discuss, introduce the text so that the reader understands what you will defend. In this example, an introduction might be: “Violence against women needs to be taken seriously. While many headlines report tragedies, other victims suffer in silence for fear of the consequences of the complaint. “

Notice that this introduction was short and precise, summarizing well the ideas that we put as first draft. Now that the reader already knows what the text will be, it is time to develop the argument.

3 – Turn ideas into topics

For each phrase you wrote as a draft, you tend to develop a topic. In the example of our initial draft, we could use the first two sentences to create two paragraphs, after all they are two different subjects, and the last sentence could be used for the conclusion, since it is the action that must be taken on the subject, a conclusion about what to do. But how would you do this in practice?

4 – Develop the topics in paragraphs

Using the first sentence, you could explain why violence against women is a problem. Explain that this occurs on a large scale, that there is a lot of news and statistics pointing to a high number of victims. If you recall some story you read in a newspaper, for example, it would be great to take the opportunity to quote in this paragraph, because the purpose of this paragraph is to develop that idea that it is a problem.

The second sentence would serve the second paragraph. From the basic idea that we raised about the fear of reporting, you could develop it a bit more by citing reasons and reasons why some women would rather be silent instead of exposing the abuser.

That done, we can go to the last step, the conclusion:

5 – Have the essay have a coherent conclusion
To create the conclusion, try to take back what has already been discussed, but in a slightly different way, citing some deduction or solution on the subject.

In the example we are using here in this article, you could emphasize that we need to solve this problem and give some suggestions, such as creating educational campaigns in schools and universities, advertisements on television, etc.
Examiners very much like to see solution proposals at the conclusion of the essay. In the case of college entrance exams, you do not necessarily need to think of a solution to the proposed topic, you can just retake the subject discussed by highlighting the most important points of the text.

In our writing book, we have shown several practical examples of how to do each step of a good essay, revealing how some essay writing was constructed from scratch.

A lot of people do not know, but copywriting brokers are not looking for fabulous texts, they just want to see if you’re able to organize your ideas and express yourself properly in written form. By doing so, you will be able to give feedback to the essay!

Never forget: practice makes perfect! The more you practice and imitate the right model, the more your essays will be good and you will never be worried about how to start, because the process will become automatic.

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