5 Tips for Writing a High Ranking SEO Article for Your Website

  • August 17, 2020
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What is SEO?

SEO mainly involves the practice of increasing the traffic towards one’s website through content they post. It is measured in terms of the organic engine results. 

What Constitutes SEO?

Different components go into SEO. Here is a breakdown of some of the standard terms that go into it:

  • Traffic’s Quality – It refers to having many viewers view your article on your website without drawing attention to it.
  • Traffic’s quantity – When you have your audience reading the article on your website, you create more traffic while ranking high on SEO.
  • Organic results – It refers to creating any traffic through your articles that you do not have to pay for.

How to Rank High on SEO

Ranking high on SEO means may readers view your article, and you can push your message. Here are expert tips you can use to increase your viewership on the website:

Writing Exclusive Content

The content that you post on the site needs to be unique. A reader must see the difference with the article from other sites. You can increase your ranking on SEO by posting pictures and videos alongside your article. You need to apply caution when it comes to ensuring you post only exclusive content. 

When you post unique content for your articles, it guarantees a large following hence a higher ranking. However, it will prove to be time-consuming with the added effort. The end product is highly admirable with increasing traffic.

Video URLs

When creating your article, including a video, increases the general appearance of the article. Digital marketing relies on videos to make the message reach home. Videos possess the power to speak to a broad audience due to the visuals. The voice covers play a huge role in conveying your article's message to readers in a simple manner.

The best way to increase your SEO ranking is diverting traffic from social media accounts to go towards your website. One way to achieve this is by including URLs. It can either be through text overlays or voice covers. The video URL can direct your customers directly to your website.

Using Hashtags

When writing your article, it is wise to use hashtags to increase your reach. Hashtags stand as exciting topics that are currently most talked about on social media. Use keywords in hashtags to create an interest from potential customers to discover your articles on the website. 

Embed CTAs Buttons

A call to action button is an essential tool that helps in diverting traffic while generating leads. The CTA comes at the end of writing your article. Most people read articles while following things of their interest. In most cases, they often urge readers to perform a specific task. In the article, you can advise your readers to achieve a particular action.

Using Rich Keywords

Keywords help in increasing the ranking of your website through the articles you post. Using too many keywords only ends up turning off your audience. Keyword stuffing to increase ranking can bear penalties. Therefore, you need to devise an ingenious way of including all keywords. 

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